Poem Written By Artificial Intelligence About Quitting Your Job

I asked AI to write a poem about quitting your job. Artificial intelligence has come so far. Only few know the difference between machine learning and Ai. AI helps us hire, and get hired, and now here is a poem from AI to help us quit. This poem is from ChatGPT AI.

I had a job that I once loved
But now I’ve had enough
The time has come to say goodbye
To a place where I no longer thrive

I’ll pack my things and walk away
With a smile and a brand-new day
No longer tied to a job that drains
I’ll spread my wings and break my chains

Goodbye to the stress and the endless toil
Hello to freedom and a life of joy
I’m moving on to something new
Leaving behind the job that I outgrew

I’ll take the leap and follow my heart
And never again will I play a part
In a job that no longer serves me right
I’m quitting and taking flight

So goodbye to the job that once was mine
Hello to a future that’s bright and fine
I’m moving on and leaving behind
The job that no longer aligns.

Keisha Reed, one of HireAE’s resume writers, is working on her 3rd book, Quitting Is For Winners. Follow her socials for more.


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