3 Kind Ways To Say No To A Client

I can’t believe that I just told a potential #client that I declined to work with them. IT FELT GREAT! Have you ever heard someone say that all money is not good money? Well, lately, it has been ringing in my ear from a slough of #wise people who are very comfortable with their #living. There was an #author that wanted my services in which I knew that I could deliver, but some things just didn’t add up. 

Have you ever been in a #situation where the client paid for one service, but they exhausted you for additional services? Yep! That was almost the exact situation, except they had not paid yet. The invoice sat unpaid for several weeks while the client called almost daily trying to get perpetual free consultations. When an invoice is submitted, it’s usually because there is an agreement or an understanding of what upcoming services are issued.

We started speaking about 6 weeks ago about the project. After 4 weeks of talking about it, and being introduced to a bartering system that the potential client had already set up with most of their current consults, I had to cut ties from this connection. Bartering is not the thing to run away from here. The issue is deception and not showing signs of being a good and honest client to work with.

Here are 3 ways to say no to warm sales lead while being respectful and kind.

  1. Thank you for finding ways to add to my worth. While I appreciate the growth and additional value, I was under the impression that you reached out to me because you saw me as a solution to your opportunity and not because you saw what you could do for me. I don’t believe our vision and mission are aligned at the moment. I will have to decline this opportunity. Thank you.
  2. While it excites me to collaborate with you in additional efforts, I can only give 100% to one project at a time. If we can move forward with what we have already agreed to, then possibly after the project is complete, we can speak about it. However, if working with you is contingent on you working on me, I respectfully decline.
  3. We have spoken a few times over the past few ______, and I am not sure if I am clear on your desire to accomplish the goals we discussed. At this point, I may have to suggest you work with someone whom you feel more compelled to take action with. Respectfully, I can’t continue these calls without any further action.

We all have different approaches and anchors when it comes to being respectful and kind, but no matter how you approach kindness, always remember to be kind to yourself. So, with that being said, one more bonus method that can be used in most scenarios is this…

… No.

No is a full sentence that begins and ends with exactly what you desire to communicate.

Do you have any additional ways to say “NO” that have worked well for you? Share them in the comments. I love to read & respond to different thoughts.

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